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We put a light seasonal twist on a hot cultural conversation.

For last year’s agency Christmas card, we decided to spread a little holiday cheer and chuckle by taking on a controversial issue in our industry: the sensationalized depiction of women in advertising. We piggybacked off the recent viral video “Body Evolution” where a woman is photographed and Photoshopped into a perfect, beautiful model. But instead of making her more beautiful, we turned her into the jolly fat man himself. Within the first two weeks of the video’s launch, it gained over 5 million views on Vimeo and earned a Vimeo Staff Pick. It reached the top search result for “Happy Holidays” on Google and was one of Adweek’s 30 most popular stories of 2013. The video also had a feature on Reddit, Buzzfeed, CNN, Time Magazine Online, Gizmodo, Jezebel, USA Today, The Daily Beast, and the Huffington Post.