Upslope Integrated


Upslope wanted to shout its story from the top of a mountain. So we did.

Upslope had been nationally recognized with awards for its great beer, but on the shelf, many still didn't recognize the brand. What this Boulder brewery needed was a way to tell its story, to set them apart from the crowded craft beer competition, and expand their core following. After working closely with our client (and a few beers), we learned that Upslope embraced the Colorado lifestyle in the same way that other breweries stand for bicyclists and ska music. So we set out to prove it with our Aprés Everything campaign, and tell the world that nothing caps off a day in the great outdoors quite like an Upslope.

We sold Upslope's fans on free beer.

To release Upslope's much anticipated Oktoberfest, we built the brewery's very first Backcountry Tap Room—a bar 2.5 miles into the Colorado backcountry that could only be accessed by outdoor enthusiasts, and consequently, Upslope’s biggest fans. We teased and promoted the event using social media, local beer blogs, and some good old fashioned grassroots marketing. The result? Hundreds hiked into the Rockies to enjoy great beer in the great outdoors, and pretty much guaranteed our very first Backcountry Tap Room wouldn’t be the last.