Stag Integrated


It takes a meaty vegetable to be the alpha.

More than a year after our fictional broccoli campaign kicked kale’s ass all over the cover of the New York Times, broccoli was ready to shed its side-dish status out in the real world. Stag Broccoli—the largest broccoli grower east of the Mississippi—approached us to bring our broccoli campaign to life for their brand. After years of not marketing its product, Stag needed broccoli to stand out in the produce section like the tall tree it is. So, we set to work adding the ‘bro’ to ‘broccoli’ by defining the voice of produce’s boldest veggie and giving the brand a masculine makeover. Using digital content, in-store, alpha swag, and the now infamous “broquet”, we stood out in the supermarket’s most crowded section, and finally taught people to respect the tree.