JCPenney Social


Moms buck social etiquette as JCP turns hashtags into hashbrags for back-to-school.

These days, over-sharing your kid pictures online is frowned upon, if not grounds for an un-friending. But for the back-to-school season, JCP wanted to challenge this notion and celebrate kids’ self-expression like never before. And the message to moms was simple: never mind the haters – crank your sharing up to full-blast. Using the hashtag #ThatsMyKid, JCP encouraged moms to not just share, but to over-share pictures of their kids on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. In return, JCP offered up their social media pages as stages for proud parents by retweeting, reposting and changing their profile pictures to kids showing their unique talents. And proud parents were happy to oblige as the response far surpassed expectations. Overall, there were 14,500 total user-generated submissions, over 120,000 visits to the campaign hub and a staggering 17-million Facebook and Twitter impressions of #ThatsMyKid. On top of that, JCPenney saw a 36% increase in brand sentiment. Not only was the campaign a huge success but it also silenced all the over-sharing cynics with one collective shout: That’s My Kid!   

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