Just in case you weren't sure if giving is truly better than receiving, JCPenney proved it.

For the 2014 holiday season, JCPenney set out to prove once and for all that giving is better than receiving. We wanted to show that the holiday spirit was alive and well in the hearts of JCPenney customers during a time of year that can be overwhelming and stressful.

We kicked off our quest for the most generous holiday ever with a social experiment that gave people the ability to gift strangers anything they wanted at JCPenney. We filmed the whole thing and played back the joy, laughter and happy tears we captured to the whole world. 

With the launch of our film, we started a giving movement, and made it our job to inspire people to spread holiday cheer using the hashtag #JustGotJingled. And social media content on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest encouraged people to “jingle” it forward, spreading the true spirit of the holidays to family and friends. 

All told, we got 6 million+ people to get in the giving spirit with our film; a whole bunch of viewers who admitted they were moved to tears; and tens of thousands of unique views of the campaign website. By the time Santa had finished his rounds, it was clear that JCPenney had proven once and for all, giving is better than receiving.