Harley Social


Turns out, your stereotypical Harley rider is anything but stereotypical. 

Gourmet chefs. Third grade teachers. Soccer moms. Not exactly what comes to mind when you think of Harley riders. But the truth is, Harley nation is comprised of more than just grizzled old cusses straddling their Road Glides. We highlighted this misperception with a social campaign tied to the hashtag #StereotypicalHarley that was inspired by a real Harley-Davidson fan named Harold Chase, who submitted an idea called “E Pluribus Unum” through our Fan Machine app on Facebook. The resulting video introduced the world to real Harley riders, pulled from Twitter, that look nothing like stereotypical Harley enthusiasts and opened the brand to a younger generation of riders. The campaign continues today as over 5,000 tweets have been tagged with #StereotypicalHarley to-date.