Harley Integrated


Doors. Safety belts. Roofs. To a Harley rider, they’re just different ways of saying the same thing: cages.

The tagline “NO CAGES” not only served up the feeling of riding a Harley, it also happened to accurately capture the spirit with which this work was created. Instead of sticking to typical agency-client protocol, these executions were born from work pitched to Harley-Davidson completely unsolicited (see “REINVENTING THE PITCH PROCESS” below). Inhibition free. Permission free. And, if you will, cage free. Thankfully, it worked. Harley loved our work and our understanding that NO CAGES is more than just two words at the end of an ad. It’s a philosophy to live by. And, as it turns out, a fitting way to launch Harley’s first-ever online motorcycle customization platform called “H-D 1.”


Other Work


It all started when we, like the entire ad industry, heard that Harley-Davidson had parted ways with their agency of record after 31 years. Being lovers of the Harley brand ourselves, it gave us an idea. Instead of clamoring for a chance to throw our hat in the ring should they request agencies to jump into a standard, expensive pitch process – what if instead we literally just wrote a creative brief based on our intuition of where the brand should go, invite hundreds of Harley fans across the country to participate in our creative process, and let Harley know that we were working on it? Without being asked or paid to do so. So that’s exactly what we did.