Glaceau design


An aging icon gets a facelift for a new age.

Upon its arrival on shelves in the 90s, vitaminwater quickly achieved iconic status, a beacon of modern and disruptive packaging design to which all other energy drinks aspired. However in recent years, the colorful and pharma-inspired design has been undermined by copycats and competition. Our challenge was to refresh the vitaminwater story with a design concept that not only helped to visually elevate the Glaceaumasterbrand but also could hold the entire product family together (smartwater, fruitwater) through shared iconography. After a unique creative process that saw V&S crowdmembers, internal designers and Coca-Cola designers collaborate as a single entity, we arrived at a conceptually strong, but visually simple representation of water and vitamins coming together to create the “magic” that is Glaceau enhanced hydration.