General Mills TV


From the cheapest snack in the freezer to the most valuable tool in any Mother’s arsenal.

General Mills has historically grounded their advertising for Totino’s Party Pizzas in a value proposition – that at $1.50, they are the cheapest way to feed your kids. They came to V&S, however, with ambitions of being more than that. They wanted to elevate Totino’s ability to satisfy even the pickiest of eaters and position themselves as the ultimate tool in a mother’s arsenal when the family mood suddenly shifts from cool to chaotic. So we created, produced and launched a campaign that called moms everywhere into action, encouraging them to MOM UP by stocking up on Totino’s Party Pizzas. Because with a freezer full of Totino’s, moms will be prepared to diffuse any dinner time disasters or sleepover meltdowns that come their way.